Core Values


We Make Distribution Happen

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced and easy to use software to allow their team to collaborate and excel in maximizing revenue, profit and customer service.

Customer Obsession:

Customers feel value at each touch point

  • Exceed expectations at every touch point
  • Understand industry and customer needs
  • Innovate solutions to provide simplification
  • Listen to customers and personalize experience
Quality Excellence:

Good enough isn’t good enough

  • Plan, create, test, do, analyze
  • Responds effectively to the needs it was designed to meet
  • Drives strength and credibility that benefits the customer
  • Continuous improvement on effectiveness and reliability
Be a Good Human:

Do the right thing even when no one is looking

  • Help others, ask for help
  • Work hard, do your best
  • Never stop learning
  • Have gratitude, be positive
Owner of Outcomes:

Rise to the occasion, deliver on promises

  • Believe you have control over most outcomes
  • Accountability
  • Show initiative
  •  Execution and follow through
Leverage Wisdom:

Capitalize on diversity, our most valuable asset

  • Value experiences
  • Listen to and share ideas
  • Respect accumulated learning
  • Consider and communicate alternative perspectives