Rutherford & Associates, now eoStar, was founded in 1986. eoStar provides an end-to-end software solution for direct store delivery distributors, including route accounting, warehouse management, voice picking, forecasting, and mobile sales capabilities.

Since 2001, eoStar’s scalable platform has served bottlers and beverage distributors of all sizes, from a handful of product types and routes to the full complexity and scalability requirements of the most demanding enterprises in the world. eoStar’s on-premise and SaaS-based business management solutions provide a full overview of the clients’ entire operations while improving cost efficiencies and optimizing overall business performance.

eoStar continues to develop cutting-edge technology supported by its highly regarded professional services and customer service teams, which demonstrate daily their deep domain knowledge of and care for clients’ operations. The eoStar platform is now serving over 11,000 users in beverage, wine & spirits, food service and cannabis distribution.

eoStar is a strategic partner with MillerCoors and the preferred technology and solution for Coca-Cola North America, North Star.

Our company was founded


Rutherford and Associates, is founded.  Soon, we 400+ (Unix/DOS) in Vending and Soft Drinks

Sold SX Vending


Sold SX vending, Office coffee and soft drinks delivery software to Mars Electronics and started rewriting with a standard SQL database and .net programming which would become our flagship software called ‘eoStar’

First Beer Distributor


Started working with our first beer distributor which helped shape the future development of eoStar and push the company towards alcoholic beverage distribution management

Strategic Partner


Became a Molsen/Coors strategic partner

Entering Softdrinks

Acquired a contract with a major soft drink company to convert all of their small and midsize bottlers to eoStar.

Mobile App for iOS


eoTouch, eoStar’s mobile app for the iOS operating system is created

Warehouse Mobility


eoWarehouse, the Windows 8 based Warehouse Management application, is created.

Expanding Our Client Base


Developed integration with a major beer distributors systems and acquired  seven additional distributors in the network.