Andrews Distributing

Increasing Efficiency to Support Rapid Growth

Location: Dallas, TX

The Company: Andrews Distributing is a Dallas-based distributor that had built a supply chain, market and reputation for being great at what they do. Then, they started to grow. Quickly.

The Challenge: Growing fast is good, but comes with unique obstacles that can’t be foreseen. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up. Andrews Distributing found this to be true of their previous route-accounting software.

Through 14 acquisitions in 10 years, the company grew 300%. The challenges for a distributor with six million cases a year are very different from the challenges facing a 30-million-case distributor, and Andrews realized a need for new, flexible, reliable route-accounting software.

We went through an evaluation process, analyzing multiple route-accounting platforms, including eoStar. We had four specific criteria in mind:

  1. Was the software developed by a company that had been in business for a while?
  2. Was the company financially solvent?
  3. Did the company work in the beer industry?
  4. Did the company have a distributor of similar size using its software?

Through evaluating each system, it became evident eoStar can do everything we needed with an extremely small learning curve.

After talking with other eoStar users, particularly J.J. Taylor, we were assured of a flawless transition from our old system to eoStar. The transition was extremely important—there was no room for any delays or complications.

“eoStar has been able to keep up with—and stay ahead of—our rapid growth and its efficiency actually helps shape some of our business processes.”

We were not disappointed. Transitioning to eoStar was seamless and executed exactly according to plan. Now, every piece of data is readily available and actionable at all times. Intuitive, point-and-click software is operable by every employee in the company.

What used to be a total of 12 people in the company using reports is now up to 200. Our increased reporting capabilities raised our credibility with retailers and helped us become category manager for a large chain.

eoStar also helped us cut reconciliation by a full day every week, reduce drivers’ overtime by $75,000 and condense the time required to generate income statements from 10 days to five days. eoStar has been able to keep up with—and stay ahead of—our rapid growth and its efficiency actually helps shape some of our business processes.

John Ross, Vice President of IT with Andrews Distributing, on growing with eoStar