Erich Colberg

Erich Colberg is eoStar’s VP of Sales and marketing. He leads the company’s marketing, advertising, brand, and global growth initiatives, elevating new distributors around the world and deepening engagement with our existing customers.

Erich is a top-performing enterprise sales leader and an award-winning senior executive with over 20 years of leadership experience in the enterprise software solutions space. Prior to joining R&A, Erich gained expertise growing and leading high-performance sales teams at Infor, Linkfresh, IndustryBuilt, Intuit, and was the co-founder of JetStar Courier Transportation & Logistics.

Erich brings a high-level of energy and enthusiasm to the organization, with a proven record of building strong, profitable client relationships. His expertise as a top individual contributor and sales leader, entrepreneurial background is an outstanding addition to our executive team.