Mike Rutherford

Michael Rutherford is eoStar’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, setting the company’s technical strategy and helping further scale its global platform.

Michael started programming in the early 70’s and served in the USAF intelligence groups for SAC and PACAF with special projects for the NASA Ames research center and Naval intelligence. After this, he was a key architect in the rewrite and implementation of the Montana Medicaid software, and ultimately earned a MS in computer science with a specialization in AI.

He started the company in Albuquerque, NM in 1986, and moved the business to Holland, MI when they were recruited by Brooks Beverages, a regional soft drink bottler and distributor, to create a system to integrate the data from over 50 distribution centers.

In 2001, MEI (a subsidiary of M&M Mars) acquired a license to the Unix and Windows versions of the SX application. Over the next few years, Michael (with a small team) created eoStar using Microsoft’s new .NET framework and MS SQL Server. This new eoStar has continued to evolve in functionality and performance to the latest incarnation that provides support for on-premise and cloud installations for business ranging from small to large.