Sebastien Charroud

Sebastien Charroud is eoStar’s Vice-President Product Management. He has the dual responsibility of setting the direction for all software products and services and designing the new features and capabilities.

Sebastien joined the company in 2007, initially as a project manager for large scale implementations, then managed the Engineering and QA departments. Prior to joining the company, Sebastien held roles in technology at a startup company and then at a beverage distributor. Getting to the essence of possibilities, needs, or challenges, is what drives Sebastien. His most cherished possession is an original 1674 first edition of a book from French author Boileau that fittingly explains “What one truly understands clearly articulates itself and the words to say it come easily”. A clear understanding is a precondition to making the right decision and designing the right solution.

Sebastien studied international trade in France and Germany and subsequently obtained an MBA from Winthrop University, SC. He is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and enjoys attending technology conferences. In his spare time, Sebastien enjoys spending time with his two children, two basset hounds and thinking about the future, with a particular emphasis on learning about all facets of true Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Augmented Reality (AR).