The House of LaRose

Implementing Ideas Today to Meet Challenges of the Future

Location: Brecksville, OH

The Company: The House of LaRose operates out of one distribution facility with over 300,000 square feet of office and warehouse space under one roof and the capacity to store 1.5 million cases of beverage products. The House of LaRose’s beverage distribution business currently employs approximately 305 people servicing over 5,200 customers in eight Northeastern Ohio counties.

The Challenge: The House of LaRose was moving off of a legacy system they had been using for 20 years. They needed to transition to a more modern RAS that was expandable and versatile, to accommodate the needs of customers and their own operations. The system needed to provide real-time access to data for benchmarking and the driving of metrics.

We spent six years searching for a new system. We considered other platforms, but they didn’t meet our needs for a variety of reasons. We approached ABI about using eoStar because of its modern interface, high data visibility, and the reliable SQL-based environment.

We estimated 14-15 months to implement and Rutherford condensed it into eight, which included all the necessary programming changes for the ABI interfaces and our WMS. Throughout implementation, Rutherford deployed resources to our location, and their dedication was phenomenal. It was one of the hardest experiences of a lifetime, but it was also one of the greatest.

“The versatility and flexibility of the eoStar system gives us direct control of functions now, where we had none before.”

Since go-live, eoStar’s Delivery app has changed our lives for the better, as it uses the same database as eoStar, rather than our legacy delivery app’s staged data. Additionally, through interfaces with UPS Logistics, eoStar has enabled us to get more functionality out of these programs than we ever could prior. We had a ton of workarounds in our legacy system, but the versatility and flexibility of the eoStar system gives us direct control of functions now where we had none before.

Rutherford’s support has been top notch- when priority takes place, there’s been no issue. If we say something has got to be done, that is a “now” thing, they have been on it.

I would say the move to eoStar has definitely been positive for us. During the evaluation process, we reached out to multiple organizations running eoStar, and everyone was willing and excited to talk to us. It spoke volumes that the community of eoStar users, even competing houses, were so welcoming. They felt that our contributions would help make the software and operations even richer. Rutherford bringing in fresh ideas and fresh customers means that they’ll always stay ahead with efficiency, and the system will continue to evolve.

Dan Brinegar, IT Manager for The House of LaRose, on eoStar implementation