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Warehouse Optimization Software for Increased Operational Efficiency

Warehouse Optimization Software

Operating your warehouse efficiently is the key to improved profit margins and happy customers. But times have changed, and today’s customers expect operational efficiency that surpasses yesterday’s standards. Luckily, warehouse optimization software can help warehouse managers manage their warehouse operations in a way that’s best for everyone.

If you’ve thought about how optimization software can improve the efficiency in your distribution centers and are considering upgrading your warehouse automation systems, here are some great reasons to make the move.

5 Ways Warehouse Optimization Software Can Improve Your Fulfillment Rate (And Customer Satisfaction)

Warehouse optimization can go a long way in improving fulfillment, increasing profits, and ensuring that your customers are happy. Here are five ways warehouse automation can boost your warehouse management tactics.

1. Take Control of Your Inventory Management

Inventory management is a key function of your warehouse, and unless it’s done right, you will experience fulfillment errors and delays that can lead to unhappy customers. And having to replace those unhappy customers will lead to increased operational costs and decreased profits. This is especially true in today’s supply chain disruption environment.

But with management solutions such as warehouse optimization software, you can use the power of algorithms and software to help you plan for inventory levels based on historical and predictive data. It will allow you to be confident that your inventory levels will be in line with your customer needs. For instance, when the holiday season or an upcoming promotion is on the horizon, the software can help you order just the right amount of products so that you’re not short or end up carrying too much product.

2. Use Your Warehouse Space Wisely

When empty, your warehouse looks huge. But once you begin adding all the products, the space seems to disappear before your eyes. The way you manage and organize that space has everything to do with how well you fulfill orders, reduce errors, and increase profits.

With the right warehouse management system, you can organize your space so that it’s the most efficient. For instance, using our software, eoStar, you will be able to visualize how storing your most-ordered items near the loading dock will reduce your picking time. And depending on the shape and size of your warehouse, our software may point out areas where you didn’t even realize you were operating inefficiently.

3. Increase Picking Efficiency

Too many warehouses lose money from inefficient picking or pick sheets that lead to multiple errors. And multiple case studies show that all those errors and inefficiencies cost money. But eoStar’s warehouse management system gives you the option of voice picking. Using this type of material handling system allows pickers to choose the voice-picking user interface on their mobile device in real-time. The result? The picking process instantly speeds up and because pickers aren’t having to focus on clipboards and pick sheets, they can concentrate more and make fewer errors.

4. See the Big Picture

When you use a warehouse management system such as eoStar, you will be able to see the big picture. That’s because eoStar uses a centralized framework that allows you to see everything at once which is essential for managing your warehouse. This is important in warehouse management because you can make decisions based on the whole rather than just one piece of the puzzle at a time.

For instance, when using eoStar, you can stay on top of your inventory, your space optimization, your equipment, and your picking stats. And all of this in-depth insight leads to better data and better decisions. And we all know that the decisions you make contribute to the success of your business. Why wouldn’t you want to make them based on data-driven insights rather than guesswork?

5. Grow Your Company

When you use an efficient warehouse management tool like eoStar, you are taking the steps necessary to grow your business. Why? Because this software is designed to foster growth. For instance, eoStar is flexible and allows you to customize it according to your needs. No more trying to fit a square peg into a round hole or having to reconfigure your entire platform when you make changes. Instead, you can create customized software that is designed to grow and expand your business.

Next, the warehouse management software offers data analysis that allows you to get to know your customer base better. And when you understand who is buying from you, it makes it easier to grow your company because you will know who to target for increased business.

Is Your Business Ready for Warehouse Optimization Software?

If you’re running a distribution center based on old-school methods or have a software system that doesn’t fit your needs, you should consider eoStar. Simply give us a call and we will talk to you about why 14,000 distributors use eoStar and are experiencing a reduction in errors, happier customers, and increased profits.  

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