eoStar Level Up
Level Up is a fast-track program designed for eoStar customers who are looking for ways to take their distribution business to the next level through the integration of complementing eoStar solutions. For example, adding Palletization to eoPick will help your staff increase accuracy and efficiency in building orders. Level Up is designed for easy implementation and, depending on your existing configuration, offers rapid ROI in both orders-to-cash and employee productivity. What’s more, Level Up is an opportunity to fine tune your operations, sales, and customer relations.

Scale Gracefully, Dynamically, And Globally

eoStar’s software is built to grow along with every distributor. We’ve designed eoStar to help customers grow their distribution businesses without outgrowing the software. That means the software itself evolves over time, with new capabilities and features that take shape as the business meets new challenges. eoStar can help manage your infrastructure and inventory with maximum efficiency. And from optimizing cross-docking to fulfilling surprise demands from retailers, eoStar provides every distributor with adaptive and efficient intelligence.

Additional Functionality Can Help Fuel Your Success

  • Add Merchandiser to help your customers order 24/7, shop promotions, and identify new products — all in a web-based application.
  • The addition of Voice Picking to your WMS will help your warehouse crew pick more accurately, build better pallets in less time, and have more fun at work.
  • eoStar’s Forecasting capabilities provide customizable, easy-to-understand indicators and charts that give your team unprecedented intuition, even when they’re using a mobile device.

These enhancements, plus others, are easily implemented and offer a great return on your investment. Ask your eoStar representative for a Level Up assessment, path to value, and expected ROI.