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Summit Beverage

Smooth Implementation of New System


Missoula, MT and Butte, MT

Case Volume

2,100,000 CE’s annually

The Company

Summit Beverage, with two locations in Montana, was coming to realize they had already outgrown their route accounting software. Before it became a debilitating issue, they needed a platform that could grow with them.

The Challenge

Summit Beverage’s previous route accounting software was running on a system so old, nobody knew how to support it. They couldn’t afford to risk downtime and needed something new and better to keep the business running smoothly.
On top of that, Summit wanted to add a web component. They wanted their customers to be able to access their own data and place orders online. They couldn’t do that with the old software. It all had to be done smoothly. Implementation would be key.
“Implementation was beautiful. eoStar came in, looked at our business, asked the right questions, and developed a true understanding of who we are and what we do. You can see that eoStar sincerely cares about our company and our business from the start. They devote the necessary manpower to make the implementation successful in the key areas of our business – administration, sales, and operations. They ‘get’ our business.
Together, we established a vision and expectations for what could be achieved during implementation (while in a state of transition) and what could be achieved once fully on eoStar’s platform. The scope of the project was reasonable, achievable, and executed wonderfully.
Per Montana law, our customers have to pay their bills within seven days or they can’t get another delivery. This has always been an issue, but now, with eoStar and Ion, our sales managers and salespeople can stay on top of that process and make sure customers pay on time so they can get their next shipments. Our receivables have never looked so good.
eoStar doesn’t stop at implementation. They really care about the relationship and how things are going for us. They’re open to any ideas we have regarding the software, and every single thing we’ve ever asked them has resulted in them coming to the table with a solution.
We’d recommend eoStar to other distributors of our size—especially if they have a large portfolio like ours. eoStar does an excellent job of helping us manage all those SKUs and data, which leads to a huge increase in productivity.”

Ryan Morgan, Director of Finance and IT of Summit Beverage, on the eoStar Implementation.

eoStar warehouse management software

Ryan Morgan

Director of Finance and IT of Summit Beverage

“eoStar came in, looked at our business, asked the right questions and developed a true understanding of who we are and what we do.”