Cloud-hosted RAS

Route Accounting for Growing Distributors

Modeled after our flagship solution eoStar, eoStarOne® is a cloud-hosted route accounting software solution created specifically for growing beverage distributors.
Adaptable Industry Solution
eoStarOne® was designed to accommodate the needs of beverage distribution operations, both in terms of functionality and affordability. eoStarOne® provides the tools to help you grow your business, without immediately outgrowing the software. Its upward compatibility allows you to easily migrate to eoStar when you begin to see the need for additional functionality for warehouse, sales, and business intelligence. 
Mobile Sales Applications
eoStarOne® includes eoTouch®, Rutherford’s mobile app suite, which provides you with pre-sell, delivery, and inventory management capabilities. Leverage live synchronization, GPS tracking, and push notifications for accurate, up-to-the-minute business insight.
Flexibility and Automation
eoStarOne® facilitates communication seamlessly up and down your company’s organizational structure to optimize retail execution. eoStarOne® streamlines reporting, supply chain and order fulfillment processes.

  • Liquor licensing & beverage tax
  • Fintech EDI integration
  • Advanced reporting & surveys


  • Flexible pricing & promotions
  • Action items, goals & objectives
  • Build-to & shelf sequencing


  • Scheduling & routing tools
  • Inventory management
  • Easy orders-to-load

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