Warehouse Management

Best in Industry Warehouse Management Solution

eoStar’s fully-integrated warehouse management system (WMS) module delivers enterprise-level distributors a highly affordable path to warehouse automation. With eoWarehouse, all inventory-related movement is scanned, completely eliminating paperwork thus reducing human error and increasing delivery accuracy. Data points are live down-to-the-second and 100 percent accurate, providing immediate access to invaluable insight regarding inventory, space, equipment, procedures, and personnel. The result is increased productivity and optimized bottom line growth. It’s no wonder eoWarehouse is used by more than 14,000 distributor employees.
Greater Accuracy

  • Access up-to-the-minute reporting data for inventory levels and locations
  • Standardize procedures involving inventory movements and locations
  • Reduce lead times and increase order accuracy for better demand planning
  • Enjoy accuracy in your inventory and FIFO activity

Greater Volume

  • Effectively and efficiently manage influx of SKUs
  • Effective space management and inventory cycle
  • Track metrics and configure tasks to optimize both output and efficiency

palletization distribution solutions


The ability to build optimal pallets and loads without the overhead of exports and imports.
Palletization follows a set of rules to determine an optimized pallet solution for selectors to follow, and it determines the best way to load a truck for efficient delivery.
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Pick Kiosk
Allows multiple employees to login, get their next picks, print the pick lists, and mark the picks as complete when they’re done. It is intended to be run on a shared tablet that is easily accessible to all pickers.
It will also track the picking time for each set of picks, from getting the picks to marking them as complete, for each employee. This data can be reviewed on the Pick Metrics screen in eoStar.
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eoStar Case Study, Alliance Beverage