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eoMarket is eoStar’s eCommerce web-based application that offers your customers an Amazon-like ordering experience. eoMarket features a responsive interface that you can brand with your own logo and colors, as well as customize the information displayed to meet your customer needs. Featured promotions and new products can be advertised on the eoMarket home page, offering increased visibility to these products.
eoMarket allows your customers to place orders and review key information about their account, such as their account balance, sales trends, and permit status. They can browse inventory, search active promotions, and add an entire list of products to an order using a simple spreadsheet template.
eoMarket adds ‘sell while you sleep’ functionality to the eoStar solution, giving you total control over your product presentation, while offering your customers convenient 24/7 ordering. 
eoMarket in Action
Philadelphia-based Origlio’s amped up their digital presence with eoMarket – offering their retailers access to easy online ordering. eoMarket has become the distributor’s #1 source of orders by percentage of order volume. Sales reps now have more time to sell – not just take orders – freeing up their time to concentrate on higher volumes and upsells for greater impact to the company’s bottom line.
“The ability to have it responsive and allow customers the ability to have a more self-service approach was much needed.” Dan Mawn, Origlio Beverage
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You have full control of your site’s preferences and appearance at your fingertips. Use it to mold eoMarket to your customer’s needs and deliver the high-quality experience they expect.

Marketing Campaigns

Boost sales with customizable, image-based marketing campaigns. Complete with images, product info, price, availability, and quick order tab. Set up multiple campaigns at once, each one targeted to specific retailers (or groups of retailers), and schedule them to automatically run during a fixed time period.

Online Payments

The Online Payments screen offers retailers the ability to electronically pay for orders that have been delivered and have an outstanding balance using either a credit card or ACH transfer.


A searchable list of all active and upcoming promotions based on eligibility, product, and brand.

eoStar Route Accounting
Order History

Contains complete, searchable order history. Download PDFs of past invoices, review previous order details.

Order Screen

Features a streamlined ordering experience that makes it easy to find the specific product you need to order.

Product Catalog

Contains all items available to your customers, searchable by specific criteria. Customize catalog by customer or region. Customers can quickly add products to their order, explore active promotions for a specific product, or pull up a complete list of a product’s attributes.

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