As a division of VIP, eoStar can now include VIP innovation and product applications.

Insights you need to succeed. 

iDIG is VIP’s industry-leading reporting tool, giving you instant access to critical data anytime, anywhere. With both iOS and web-based accessibility, iDIG gives your people access to the insights they need to succeed. Whether it’s your rep walking into a retailer, an executive or owner checking in on business, or a manager looking to monitor and improve performance, iDIG is the critical tool for beverage distributors today.

Next level route optimization.

BizStride Logistics powered by VIP offers a tightly integrated route planning and dynamic routing solution. With strong industry knowledge and a great support network, BizStride Logistics will improve route efficiency and capabilities for any size market. Create a transparent space to plan deliveries, sales, holiday schedules, growth plans, and more.

Tell the stories of your brands.

Put the power of your brands in the hands of your sales force and in front of your consumers. Brand Builder is VIP’s digital product catalog that helps to tell the stories of your brands, to suggest similar brands, and to educate your retailers and consumers. Brand Builder is fully integrated in the Sales app, can be accessed from any web browser, and can be added to your website to allow consumers to browse through your portfolio.
Product attributes such as ABV, IBU, description, availability, and more are just a tap away. But that’s not all – Brand Builder displays images of the brand, recommends similar products, suggests food pairings, and highlights the RateBeer score (when it’s above a threshold score that you set). Another tap and you’re taken to the third-party reviews on the RateBeer website. And best of all, you don’t have to do anything to maintain it.

The easy way to collect data.

If there’s something you want to measure and track, KARMA will be your new best friend. A survey tool that’s integrated with eoStar, KARMA lets you turn your reps, merchandisers, and delivery drivers into data collection machines without complicating their existing workload. It gives you key insights to manage your relationships with retailers, helps manage and deliver on point-of-sales agreements with suppliers, and uncovers sales and growth opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

Optimal on-hand inventory.

Eliminate out-of-stocks and have optimal on-hand inventory with OrderStream. Use our complete supply chain platform to build demand plans and generate orders for your suppliers.