The eoStar Ecosystem

The eoStar Ecosystem is a comprehensive solution set developed to address the unique needs of a regulated or highly complex distribution landscape. The needs of distributors are not universal, nor are the demands of producers, retailers, and consumers. The industry is populated with very large distributors and not-so-large wholesalers. Brands are national, regional, and local. Sales channels may be similar but they are not identical. What’s more, no two businesses operate in the exact same fashion.

eoStar is not a one size fits all technology suite; it is not a ‘my way or the highway.’ Rather the eoStar tools serve as a starting point in developing a solution designed to help our clients succeed.

Route Accounting Software
eoTouch Warehouse
eoTouch Sales
eoStar One
eoTouch Merchandiser
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eoStar is totally customizable to your business.

Most enterprise technology solutions are too big, too complex, and too expensive. Built specifically for the distribution industry, eoStar is modular and scalable, and is configured to work with your existing process.

Our solution delivers real-time data for real-time insights.

With eoStar, you’re never left guessing exactly where you stand on inventory, sales, shipments, receivables, and more.

Our technology is hardworking, dependable, and easy to use.

There are a lot of moving parts – and people – in distribution. From data-driven inventory tracking to sophisticated forecasting, eoStar makes every team member’s job faster, easier, and more accurate.

We make adopting better technology as easy – and as painless – as possible.

Scattered data, un-synced info, and confusion across departments means your sales team is spending too much time order taking, arguing over receivables, and finding late shipments. eoStar makes it easy to reduce administrative headaches so you can focus on sales.

Our technology helps your business grow.

Our technology solutions help transform your company into a service-driven powerhouse, delivering better insights, better decisions, better distribution.

We are committed to your success.

Is commitment considered a software feature? It is at eoStar. No other company in beverage distribution supports you better than eoStar. We don’t succeed until you succeed.