Route Accounting

Optimize Your Distribution Operations with eoStar

eoStar is a leading route accounting solution designed for three tier distribution systems; beer and wine, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, and more recently food/snacks.
As a fully scalable solution, eoStar addresses the needs of small and large distributors alike. Available as an on-premise or cloud hosted solution, eoStar delivers functionally for optimizing virtually every aspect of wholesale distribution, regardless of size or SKU profile.
eoStar APIs enable seamless integration with beverage producers’ proprietary platforms and third-party applications, such as financial platforms, payment processing, and warehouse automation solutions.
Available as a cloud-hosted solution or on-prem, eoStar is flexible and scalable, and is configured to work with your existing process. With eoStar, you’re never left guessing exactly where you stand on inventory, sales, deliveries, receivables, and more. What’s more, eoStar’s specialized applications work together seamlessly, providing an end-to-end platform far more powerful than the sum of its parts.
Route Accounting

  • Ultimate driver accountability
  • Simplify A/R & AP
  • Accurate and flexible pricing and promotions

Business Intelligence

  • Insightful visibility
  • Actionable tasks
  • Impactful results

Sales & Delivery

  • Personalized customer experience
  • Actionable insights
  • Planogram compliance
  • Collaboration tools


  • Easy ordering, anytime & anywhere
  • Informative product catalog
  • Advisor vs. order taker


  • Increase sales 6.7%
  • Reduce every stop 8 to 15 mins
  • Reduce errors over 90%
  • Reduce returns & lost sales 25%
  • 50% warehouse breakage reduction


Retail Execution

Gain full visibility into activity goals along with the ability to track compliance with displays, POS, and pricing requirements. Report on retail execution through a dashboard view or drill into detailed data.

Point of Sale

Maximize your POS investment through an efficient request and approval process. Detail reports, track placements, and quantify the effectiveness of your POS.


Goals in eoTouch work in conjunction with goals set in eoStar, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Create high level goals in the office by brand, customer, package, and eoTouch will prorate these goals to your sales team. Increase your productivity with specific goals.

Reporting & Analysis

View your information when and how you want to. Online and offline reporting is available for each account, allowing you to break the data down by package, brand, and more. Run YTD/MTD sales comparisons, as well as account comparisons to similar customers.

Accounts Receivable

Access the most current and detailed information with each sync. Back-office A/R is fully conveyed to handhelds.


Conduct RED (Right Execution Daily) surveys at retail locations with easy-to-use scoring. Customize your surveys with the ability to distinguish between mandatory and optional questions and responses.


Pricing and Promotions

Pricing and promotions are communicated with each full sync and are date sensitive. Promotions are highly customizable, affording you the flexibility to create a wide variety of specified promotions.

Shelf Management

Manage multiple locations with your iOS device. Easily create and maintain shelf sequences and par levels.

Inventory & Sales History

Track out-of-stock merchandise on the shelf, and view the recent sales, warehouse, and account inventory history by SKU. Email inventory counts and invoices directly from within the app.

Product Targeting

Set rules to promote the placement of products for specific types of accounts.


eoStar’s Forecasting provides unprecedented control over your warehouse inventory levels by offering customizable “at-a glance” summaries of the forecasted demand or purchase flow.

Warehouse Management

WMS with eoStar is a fully integrated system, based on real-time data, to simplify the management of shipping, receiving, put-away and picking.


eoStar’s integrated palletization gives you the ability to build optimal pallets and loads without the overhead of exports and imports, reducing costs and increasing your productivity.

Picking & Loading

Voice Pick, eoStar’s warehouse picking solution, improves the picking process by dispatching pallets wirelessly to the picking crew, increasing speed, accuracy, and safety.

Purchase Importing

eoStar’s API gives you the ability to upload forecast data and download purchase order information, improving efficiency and eliminating the need for hand-entered orders.

Quality Assurance

Track code data for products with two levels of validation at both pickup and end of day, ensuring freshness at retail and maximizing product value while reducing waste.

Dispatch & Delivery

Use Delivery Dispatch to examine and optimize the delivery stops, create directions, re-dispatch missed deliveries, and change the driver for specific orders.

Equipment Tracker and Lists

Follow the life cycle of equipment orders in eoStar to see in process movement of equipment. A full placement history for each asset is maintained and available through integrated reporting.

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