More Insight, More Control, More Profits

At eoStar we know that you want to be a value-added partner to your customers, one who is outsmarting and outperforming the competition. In order to do that, you need reliable insights and real-time data you can trust. The problem is, the distribution landscape is changing. You can no longer compete on price alone, and your current technology platform can’t easily provide the information you need. The whole situation makes you feel overwhelmed, under pressure, and unequipped to do your job as well as you know you can.

We believe technology should help you make more informed decisions, not costly missteps that could jeopardize your hard-earned relationships. We understand the complexity of your job, as well as the need to keep both your retailers and suppliers happy—all while successful managing compliance demands. That’s why over 14,000 distribution professionals today rely on our technology to perform their job with excellence—and confidence.

eoStar is totally customizable to your business

Most enterprise technology solutions are too big, too complex, and too expensive. Built specifically for the distribution industry, eoStar is modular and scalable, and is configured to work with your existing process.

Our solution delivers real-time data for real-time insights

With eoStar, you’re never left guessing exactly where you stand on inventory, sales, shipments, receivables, and more.

Our technology is hardworking, dependable, and easy to use

There are a lot of moving parts – and people – in distribution.  From data-driven inventory tracking to sophisticated forecasting, eoStar makes every team member’s job faster, easier, and accurate.

We make adopting better technology as easy - and as painless - as possible

Scattered data, un-synced info, and confusion across departments means your sales team is spending too much time order taking, arguing over receivables, and finding late shipments. eoStar makes it easy to reduce administrative headaches so you can focus on sales.

Loyal Customers Spend More.

Our technology solutions help transform your company into a service-driven powerhouse, delivering better insights, better decisions, better distribution.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Schedule a call: We’ll evaluate your current processes and challenges.
  2. We customize a proprietary technology solution: We’ll convert all data from your existing system and get your new platform up and running.
  3. Outsmart, outperform, outserve your competition: Better technology enables better insights, better decisions, and better distribution.

So, schedule a call. And in the meantime, download the eoStar Changeover Checklist. Your job is challenging enough without having to second-guess every single decision. It’s time to start working smarter so you can be the trusted advisor and solutions provider your customers need.