Retailer E-Commerce


Make Ordering Easy, Anytime, Anywhere with eoMarket

More and more retail buyers today are demanding the ability to research and purchase the products they need themselves – instead of sitting in meetings with salespeople. eoStar makes meeting this demand easy. Cost-effective and easy-to use, eoMarket is a responsive, fully customizable e-commerce platform that delivers a high-quality, efficient ordering experience to your retail customers.

  • Guided sales with site-wide Banner Ad
  • Retailer dashboard with sales history, AR balance, etc
  • Robust searching and filtering capability.
  • Featured Promotions
  • Fully compatible with eoStar out-of-the-box with fully automatic posting of special pricing, terms, and/or product lists
  • Cloud-hosted by eoStar

eoMarket in Action

In 2019, Philadelphia-based Origlio's amped up their digital presence with eoMarket – offering their retailers access to easy online ordering. Today, eoMarket is their #1 source of orders by percentage of order volume. Sales reps now have more time to sell – not just take orders – freeing up their time to concentrate on higher volumes and upsells for greater impact to the company’s bottom line.