Warehouse Management System

eoStar’s fully-integrated warehouse management system (WMS) delivers enterprise-level distributors a highly affordable path to warehouse automation. With eoWarehouse, all inventory-related movement is scanned, completely eliminating paperwork thus reducing human error and increasing delivery accuracy. Data points are live down-to-the-second and 100 percent accurate, providing immediate access to invaluable insight regarding inventory, space, equipment, procedures, and personnel. The end result is increased productivity and optimized bottom line growth.

  • Access up-to-the-minute reporting data for inventory levels and location
  • Standardize procedures involving inventory movements and locations
  • Reduce lead times and increase order accuracy for better demand planning
  • Enjoy accuracy in your inventory and FIFO activity
  • Effectively and efficiently manage influx of SKUs
  • Effective space management and inventory cycle
  • Track metrics and configure tasks to optimize both output and efficiency

How effective is eoWarehouse?

Distributors typically achieve ROI within 6 months of implementation.


Reduction in Warehouse Breakage


Reduction in Pick and Load Travel Time