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Optimize Your Operations with eoStar

eoStar provides an easy-to-learn, rock-solid DSD Route Accounting software foundation that can bend and grow to fit the needs of any distribution business. It’s a unique enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built specifically for the distribution market and is designed to empower your entire organization – not just in its current state, but well into the future.

DSD Route Accounting Software for Distributors

eoStar DSD Route Accounting Software for Distributors offers ultimate flexibility, combining powerful core features with smart optional enhancements –– all geared to helping you work smarter so that you can be the trusted advisor and solutions provider your customers need.

What is route accounting?

Route Accounting is the tracking of the entire order-to-cash process in a direct store distribution model. Simply put, Route Accounting incorporates the order entry, order processing, order building, truck loading, delivery, and reconciliation activities.

eoStar Core Features:

Serve Your Customers with Confidence

Route Accounting

Streamline your Backoffice

  • Simplify accounts receivable & payables/receive payments online with EDI Integration
  • Save time & cutdown on mistakes by importing POs from suppliers via CSV file
  • Allocate inventory, quickly and easily Customize pricing and promotions
  • Enjoy distributor-centric financial reporting & cashflow management capabilities
Business Intelligence

Smarten Up Your Decision Making

  • Identify & recommend quality placements
  • Group retailers by sales potential, receivables risk & discount sensitivity
  • Assess potential retailer value
  • Enjoy insights for setting service frequency, POS discounting & samples Establish inventory allocations & delivery routes
  • Set pick location types, minimize replenishment work

Strengthen Your Bottom LIne

  • Predict probable product demand
  • Buffer stocks requirements to avoid Out-of-Stocks
  • Access reporting on products & SKUs demand variability
  • Correlate date to business demand
  • Analyze inventory investments & service levels
  • Identify stocking levels & reorder patterns
  • Enjoy accurate sales history & inventory balances
  • Automate purchase order entry

Optional Enhancements:

Supercharge Your Salesforce, Marketing, Warehousing & More

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Mobile Route Accounting

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