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Collaborative Management – My Goal Is Your Success

Collaborative Management - My Goal Is Your Success

eoStar CEO, Chris Timmer, discusses the concept of collaborative management and how it goes hand in hand with our company mantra, My Goal Is Your Success.

My Goal Is Your Success

Hi there. I’m Chris Timmer, CEO for eoStar.

Chris Timmer on Collaborative Management
Chris Timmer, eoStar CEO

Since joining the organization six months ago, I’ve conducted a listening tour to meet many of our customers and hear the impact our team and technology brings. We listen, problem solve, and share knowledge to help our customers improve their distribution businesses.

I’m proud of the high-integrity, capable people on our team who want to do right by the customer. I’m impressed with the robust technology platform and enhancement roadmap to help distributors grow their businesses. My job is to scale both.

Unpacking the Phrase: My Goal is Your Success

In my first blog post, I’m honored to introduce you to our company mantra: My Goal Is Your Success. You’ll hear this term throughout the organization as we share what our team members are doing to enable your success, as well as each other’s success. It’s our way of working and our business mentality.

Each of our team members at eoStar is focused on helping you be successful in your role and your company be successful in its business. Our goal is to make your work more efficient, effective, and intelligent.

We’re problem solvers for the distribution processes our clients execute. As a route accounting system, we’re the backbone for our beer and beverage distribution clients. We’re here to offer the technology and data to keep the stores stocked, products picked, and orders delivered in the most efficient ways possible.

If we approach each day thinking about how to make our clients successful and creating actions to advance that goal, we all win. We want you to get information faster to make accurate decisions and improve your productivity. We want to answer your questions or brainstorm quickly to help you take full advantage of our technology.

This mantra and approach are rooted in a concept called collaborative management. As you might guess from the name, success depends on having all aspect of our business and our team working together as one. Our processes, strategies, and approaches allow our teams across the company to flow and work efficiently. It’s an expectation as an individual that you are working together as a team and fostering collaboration.  As a company, we are intentional about how of collaboration offers the most effective way of managing the complexities that come along with software development, deployment, and support.

I’ve spent 20 years honing this management style and teamwork approach with great success.

What is collaborative management?

Collaborative management is the combined coordinated efforts between managers, supervisors, team leaders, and employees of one or more companies to attain shared objectives.

Our Criteria for Collaborative Management Success

People are the heart and soul of our business, so ensuring we have the right people in the right positions is foremost in my mind as CEO. As we develop and grow, we look for people who can:

  1. Think creatively about a task or problem and approach solutions in a different way. To question the status quo and ask “What if?”
  2. Be coached and show a willingness and humility to appreciate others helping grow their knowledge and capabilities.
  3. Coach others in a selfless manner, giving their time, skills, and empathy to help make others better.
  4. Process information quickly with an agile mind (neuroplasticity) to think through the topic and then act. It’s not solely about intelligence but more how you take new inputs and use them to create more value for the organization.
  5. Bring grit. Every person can control their level of effort, so it’s about facing a challenge and committing to figure it out, to do the work, and to go the extra mile.

These five people criteria reflect our culture and support our collaborative style of management. In future blogs I’ll share how this approach aligns with our culture and drives the recruitment and retention for our team members.

It’s important as well to understand that this approach means we’re working at a similar pace. A natural velocity occurs as we work together and raise the bar for the entire organization and our clients. We rely on, and continue to improve, our business processes and technology so that our team members can work smarter, be more efficient and effective, and make data-driven decisions. Our approach requires transparency and communication.

And you’ll see that this same approach extends to how we interact with our clients.

Finally, I’m pleased to share that our annual user conference will return this August, so be on the lookout for event details. We’re thrilled to welcome our clients to West Michigan to collaborate and learn in person and peak into the innovations we have underway. I hope to meet many of you there. As always, my goal is your success! If I may support your role or organization, please do reach out anytime.

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