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4 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency with eoWarehouse

4 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency

Operating a warehouse is challenging enough, but in these times, it’s doubly so. In this period of time when supply chain issues and inflation are front-page news, the need to improve operational efficiency is paramount. And while many operation managers immediately begin to cut costs, it turns out that improving your operational efficiency is more complex than that.

A study conducted by McKinsey Quarterly shows that while 79 percent of all companies have cut costs recently due to the global economic crisis, only 53 percent of the executive think that the steps are helping their companies.

So, what project management methods can be used for increased efficiency in your business operations? Many warehouse managers have turned to warehouse management system software such as eoWarehouse to increase efficiency and productivity, improve profit margins, and streamline business processes in a record amount of time.

4 Ways eoWarehouse Is Improving Efficiency in Warehouses Across the Nation

1. Inventory Management and Product Flow

Your warehouse should run like a well-oiled machine and eoWarehouse can help you accomplish that by managing your inventory. Managing your inventory is a huge part of the well-oiled machine that you aspire to create and when done right, accurate order fulfillment is a result. And instead of having team members keep manual track of your inventory (and then correcting the human error later) why not use an intuitive system like eoWarehouse to do it for you?

The software will seamlessly replenish your inventory during pick times from the backstop to the picking area.  That means no one will be charged with keeping track of outflow and replenishment because the software will automatically do it for you. Not even your top producers can be that accurate!

2. Forecast Like a Pro

You have to stay on top of your inventory throughout the year, but during seasonal times, you really have to stay on top of the game to keep your customers happy. But the amount of time spent trying to figure out how much inventory you need is an exacerbating process. Improvement can be made by using warehouse management software.

Systems like eoWarehouse will use your historical data to analyze your need and ensure that when your customers order for the season, you have what they need.

3. Use Your Space Efficiently

One of the keys to optimizing your efficiency is using your space wisely. After all, you only have so much warehouse space, and if you want to be efficient, you need to carefully think about how you should use it. You can take measures and improve your systems all you want, but if you’re wasting space, you still have room to improve.

That’s another area where eoWarehouse can help. The software will analyze your warehouse space, your historical orders, and inventory, and create an organizational plan that makes the best use of your space.  No more guessing and that will help eliminate errors about inventory.

4. Take the Extra Step

If you’re going to go through all the trouble to optimize your warehouse and your efficiency, you should not skimp on your efforts. And eoWarehouse can help with that, too. Once your pickers have completed an order and that order has been loaded, you can use the Quality Control function of the warehouse management software to ensure that it’s right. It will scan the pallet and if the weight doesn’t match the expected weight, it will red flag the pallet, so your workers can check it. Taking this last step is just another way to ensure that your warehouse is operating as efficiently as possible.

Optimization by the Numbers

It’s easy to claim that our software can help your warehouse run more efficiently, and that’s why we back up our claim with numbers. Our customers receive a return on investment within six months of installing and using our warehouse management system. They see a 50 percent reduction in breakage in the warehouse and a 20 percent reduction in pick time and load travel time. All of that adds up to an increase and improvement in operational efficiency. And as a warehouse manager, isn’t that what you strive for? The bottom line is that eoWarehouse may be just the tool you’ve been looking for to improve your warehouse efficiency. Why not give us a call and let us talk to you about how our software can make your warehouse more efficient?

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