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The Beverage Works Route Accounting Software Case Study

The Beverage Works Case Study

eoStar Offers Delivery Efficiency, Flexibility and Advanced Planning to Red Bull Distributor – The Beverage Works

The Beverage Works (TBW), one of the world’s largest Red Bull distributors, struggled its first decade in business. Much of it related to its basic route accounting software package that offered a convoluted display that was not intuitive or interactive. The organization lacked actionable insights to help it make smarter, better decisions about business.

After looking at different packages, TBW ultimately selected eoStar for its attractive interface that was user-friendly and intuitive. The product was much more advanced and robust than other software packages.

“eoStar is always looking to serve the customer’s needs, and that includes taking our recommendations into account when issuing the next version of software,” says Chris Ustick, TBW executive vice president. “The software is robust, but they’re always trying to improve it.”

eoStar’s Route Accounting Software offers organizations like TBW a one-stop solution that combines key functionality (WMS, Voice Pick, Forecasting, Surveys, Web Orders, Mobile Sales, and Delivery) into a single database. Customers get the benefit of having all operations, sales, finance, and administration consolidated in one location.

The Beverage Works Using eoTouch for Warehouse Management
The Beverage Works Transitioned to eoTouch

Adding eoTouch to the Mix

Most recently, TBW embraced another change, transitioning from eoMobile to eoTouch. This provided its sellers flexibility and greater connectivity by using iPhones and iPads for pre-sales.

“The switch from eoMobile to eoTouch was extremely easy,” said Brian Lamb, director of IT. “It also presented a significant cost benefit, as TBW was no longer buying $1,000-plus ruggedized mobile devices but moved to iPads and iPhones, which were less expensive and easier to service.”

TBW sales reps love being able to log new orders, track client records, read sales reports, and track sales objectives and goals. TBW has implemented objectives for account managers and discovered tremendous value.

“We started using eoStar to manage how representatives service accounts in the field,” said Lamb. “We’ve used steps to score performance and determine if objectives are complete. We can tell if a day is a success by the number of criteria they’ve met and reward them for doing so.”

Management can set up mandatory surveys within eoTouch at customers’ locations. For example, TBW uses eoTouch to survey retailers if they’d be open to new Red Bull product launches. The surveys are adapted to the specific needs of locations based on whether they’re in urban, suburban, or rural areas.

Results in Action

The Beverage Works has realized a number of compelling benefits from adapting eoStar technology:

Streamlined workflow enables TBW to operate with just one administrative coordinator at each of its four branches, even as the organization scales and grows.

Advance planning before leaving the garage. TBW delivery drivers know how many cases and the exact location in each store, thanks to the app’s virtual route book with an iPad or iPhone.

“You can generate a walk-through in your iPad, so when you go to service any account, you know stop one in this store is the cooler by Register 4, stop two is the warm shelf with my four packs, stop three is the endcap on Aisle 7,” said Lamb. “You can even log how many cases should go to each location.”

Flexibility in driver deployment. TBW has the option of changing up routes as needs change, because the same platform is used for all the routes. And there is no learning curve for drivers.

More productivity. eoStar’s technology offerings give employees ways to store and access up-to-the-minute information. It’s beyond efficiency – life is easier and more productivity for workers.

“We deliver Red Bull, but from a business standpoint, we could be delivering anything,” Ustick said. “Whatever you’re delivering, eoStar can meet your needs.”

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