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Increase Warehouse Efficiency with eoWarehouse

Increase Warehouse Efficiency with eoWarehouse

If you run a warehouse distribution center, you know that your processes and crew are only as good as your warehouse management system. Your warehouse system and crew are essential to keeping the warehouse shelves stocked and orders loaded efficiently for customers. But did you know that the warehouse operations can be greatly improved with the right warehouse management software? It’s true: when you add systems like eoWarehouse, your warehouse’s efficiency will increase, mistakes will lessen, and your customers will be happier.

Let us show you how.

3 Ways To Increase Warehouse Efficiency & Improve Your Business

eoWarehouse is designed to create a more efficient process in the warehouse and make the job of everyone who works there easier. Using historical and accurate data, the system can do things that would take you much more time to do manually. And it does it all in the background while you continue working to improve your business

Here are three reasons why you should consider eoWarehouse when you want to improve your warehouse systems.

1. Precise Inventory Management

When a picker pulls product from the shelves using a manual system, they must make a note of it to record the changes to the inventory. This type of system can lead to human error and inventory miscalculations. That becomes a problem when you promise a customer product only to find out that the picker forgot to log the last pull.

But when you use a warehouse management system, all of those calculations are done for you automatically. For instance, when a picker pulls a product, they can either scan the barcode right there or use voice tools to note the change. That information feeds directly into the warehouse management system and your inventory is updated in real-time. No more mistakes and no more apologies to customers when you discover an error.

2. Get the Data You Need

Supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on even the best distribution centers, and yours is likely no exception. But keeping up with all that data can be impossible without a software program that understands your business. For instance, even if a picker pulls product and logs it, what happens if an error is made and it’s not replenished? All these potential human errors will likely cause problems down the road.

But if you instead rely on software management systems like eoWarehouse, your inventory replenishment is based on data that is accurate – and that leads to a seamless replenishment that your customers can count on.

3. Reduce Your Expenses

Operating a warehouse is a lot of responsibility, and one of the areas that fall on your shoulders is profitability. But unless you have a good warehouse management system, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. How? Because a warehouse management software system works quietly in the background compiling data that you can use to increase your profits. For example, most warehouses have pickers that shine and those that just try to get by. It can be difficult to keep track of their productivity because they are out of sight when picking.

But when you use eoWarehouse, you will never again have to wonder how productive your pickers are. It will show you in real-time their picking speed and exactly where in the warehouse they are. Talk about an effortless way to manage employees!

Are You Ready To Up Your Warehouse Productivity?

If you aren’t yet using a warehouse management system, or if you have one that you’re not happy with, isn’t it time that you upped your game and became a distribution center that offers the best in service? On average, our customers have a 20 percent reduction in pick time and load time. Just think about what that will do to your bottom line. At eoStar, we put our customers first and take pride in showing them how our proprietary software can improve warehouse efficiency and profitability. If you want to see how we can help you up your game, give us a call and we’ll show you how eoWarehouse can work for you.

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