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From eoStar User to CSM

How It Started

Connie Rowe has an interesting background because she used eoStar software as a customer before working for the company. Connie stated, “I actually worked for a beer distributor for 11 years. The last 4 years that I was with them, we had actually started using eoStar, the program. So I used the program hands-on for 4 years.” 

When Connie decided to make a move from Illinois to Michigan, she had eoStar in mind as a future employer. She cultivated a relationship with eoStar, and when she was ready to move, she reached out about a job opportunity. Connie’s previous experience working with the software made her perfect for the job. She started out working in the support department, but after a year, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) job opened up, she applied, and the rest is history!

Setting Customers Up For Success

Connie works with existing eoStar customers. She serves as a liaison between the software and the customers. As Connie stated, this is a “proactive position.” A lot of her job revolves around keeping customers in the know. She lets them know about any upcoming changes to the program and makes sure that they are doing their software upgrades. In addition, she does monthly calls with her customers to see how things are going and to check for issues. If Connie hears about issues or enhancement requests, she lets the developers at eoStar know so they can add it to their list!

Big Projects!

Connie is always working on various projects. One current task keeping her busy is helping her Coca-Cola bottler customers through the process of transitioning to ASN (advanced shipping notices) and EDI invoice payments for Walgreens. She is testing these processes for each customer to make sure everything is set up properly. A project that she was most proud of was a pilot with Coke bottlers for the myCoke app. The app is a customer web portal system through Coke that uses the eoStar interfaces. Connie worked as a facilitator on this project. She made sure everything was working smoothly for her customers and that everyone was communicating effectively. 

Outside of Work 

When she’s not working, Connie loves to read. She also enjoys watching TV, especially crime dramas and British shows. Connie also loves spending time with her two daughters and her 18-month-old grandbaby!  

We’d Love to Hear From You! 

As proven by Connie, eoStar takes great care in managing customer relationships through the work of their Customer Success Managers. If you are interested in employment opportunities or if you are interested in eoStar’s software products and services, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!