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Ryan Kroll: Business Support Specialist

eoStar is more than just a software. Between route accounting, warehouse management, streamlined business processes, and much more, eoStar provides complete distributor support. As a matter of fact, eoStar increases pick accuracy, increases fulfillment speed, and helps its clients become more competitive overall. 

How does eoStar maintain its multifaceted business support, and how does it keep up with high industry demand? A big part of the answer comes from people like Ryan Kroll, who joined the team about three years ago. We spoke to Ryan recently to get his point of view on eoStar, how he joined the team, and some of his favorite things about working for the company. 

Joining the Team 

Ryan works as a business support specialist, making sure that clients get what they need from their eoStar products. Ryan achieved something that’s getting increasingly rare in today’s economy — he got the job right after graduating college. Thanks to some family connections, Ryan found his place on the eoStar team, and he’s been a valuable asset to the company ever since. Thanks to his flexibility and quick learning abilities, he’s brought energy and a fresh perspective to the workplace. 

eoStar’s Commitment to Client Satisfaction 

Thanks to Ryan and other Business Support Specialists, the eoStar team can maintain its commitment to client satisfaction. At eoStar, the customer matters above all else. The eoStar team knows that their clients deal with high demands, tight deadlines, and several other pressures on a daily basis. 

Ryan and other eoStar team members maintain close connections with the clients. Because of people like Ryan, there’s no guesswork involved in eoStar product development. Instead, eoStar uses the insight from Ryan’s customer connections to build specific, multi-layer solutions. 

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa 

We asked Ryan two specific questions about his eoStar project involvement: 

  1. What was your most recent project with eoStar? 
  2. What eoStar project were/are you the most excited about? 

Ryan had the same answer for both questions: Coca-Cola Beverages Africa. Ryan and the other team members are currently wrapping up the first wave of the CCBA project. 

CCBA is Africa’s largest Coca-Cola bottler and the 8th largest Coca-Cola bottler in the world. eoStar is working with CCBA on each step of their production, from order generation to distribution. Ryan’s part of the job was to support the financial aspects of Coca-Cola bottling at CCBA. 

For Ryan and his team members, part of the project involved travel. “We got to go to South Africa twice,” Ryan told us. “It was the opportunity to learn about the culture…to learn about a different business model…There’s a lot of development we had to do on our end to bring eoStar to where it needed to be to work for them. There were a lot of interesting learning opportunities within that.” 

Travel opportunities may have dwindled for everyone recently, but Ryan will always be grateful for this particular experience, and he’s brought what he’s learned into his day-to-day job. 

Customization for the African market is just one example of how Ryan and other eoStar employees make sure that their clients get exactly what they need. The eoStar team believes that their products should always fit within the client’s business model, not the other way around. Having people like Ryan on the team is exactly how eoStar makes that goal happen. 

As the CCBA project ties up its loose ends, Ryan will continue working on the financial side of the project. Once that’s done, he’ll transfer back to support. 

Off the Clock

So, what does Ryan like to do when he’s not working? He enjoys watching sports, he told us, including football, basketball, and baseball. He also enjoys playing golf and video games when he has the time. These activities help Ryan maintain a solid balance between work life and home life. This way, when he goes back on the clock, he’s ready to give his full attention to the clients who need his support. 

Learn More about eoStar 

Want to learn more about the role of a Business Support Specialist? Need more information on eoStar as a whole? The eoStar team would love to answer your questions and give you more information about our software. Contact the eoStar team today to get started. eoStar is here to help you keep your company running smoothly.