Warehouse Management Solutions

Why You Should Choose Your Warehouse Picking Solution Carefully

Warehouse managers are a busy group, and most will do just about anything to cut down on time-consuming tasks and increase productivity. That’s why most use a warehouse picking solution – including those with a mobile app feature. But unless you choose the right one, you may not save as much time as you had imagined.

Here are some tips to help you choose the picking system that will boost productivity and profits!

Look for These Warehouse Picking App and System Features

Want more efficiency in the warehouse? Of course, you do. Here are three picking solution features that will help you best control and track your inventory and shipments, manage your assets, and stay on top of warehouse operations.

1. Look for Simplified Training

If you purchase management software that your staff doesn’t understand, it won’t do you much good. Instead, look for an order-picking solution that your employees can be trained on in minutes – such as a mobile app format. For instance, eoPick only takes minutes to learn because it’s designed to make the picking process easier.

To accomplish that, it features screens that are easy to use, images of the products on the screen during picking, and even voice-directed instructions so pickers can reduce screen interaction.

2. Make Sure It’s Compatible

Not everyone wants to use mobile solutions the same way, so look for a system that works for everyone. Once again, eoPick comes to the rescue by offering pickers the option of recording picks by tapping controls in the tool, speaking specified control words into the system, or scanning barcodes for the products they pick. Flexibility to accommodate picker preferences in how they engage with the technology improves both job satisfaction and productivity for the picker.

3. Ensure It Will Make a Difference

Sure, you want your staff to be able to use a barcode scanner to make their job easier, but it all comes down to productivity and a reduction in error, doesn’t it? After all, beverage companies are struggling to increase efficiency and accuracy without increasing their error rate. eoPick can help with that, too.

Depending on your operational requirements, you’ll choose from three modes of validation: location scanning, UPS scanning, or check digit. And if you want to watch the progress, you’ll have access to an online pick dashboard that gives you real-time updates on pick performance. You’ll know who is picking what, and at what speed. You’ll see, in real-time, errors that are made and the location where they occurred.

Are You Ready to Get Serious About Warehouse Productivity?

If you’ve had enough of picking errors, which can reduce your productivity by as much as 11%, think about joining other warehouse managers who have modernized their operations with a proven and effective picking solution such as eoPick.